Today's Fun Fact
Posted by Janae on March 29, 2015
There's a saying, "You learn something new every day." Well, that is most certainly true whilst a toddler is residing in your home. I remember Aiden being very particular about the way certain things were done - such as how waffles and strawberries were cut up. If it was done wrong, it would render the food completely inedible in his eyes. 

Oh the humanity!

Fast forward 5 years, Evan is now that same age. Today the boys and I were snacking on some delicious Ritz crackers. Evan wanted another cracker, so I grabbed one from the sleeve and handed to him. He took one look and made some sounds that indicated his displeasure with said cracker, then promptly handed it back to me. That little cracker, with it's ever-so-tiny chip in it, was a gross misrepresentation of edible food in the eyes of my toddler. So that, my friends, is the fun fact for today.

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