It's a Sunshine Day
Posted by Janae on March 15, 2015
Some of my most favorite times of the year are the first few days of warm weather after the icky cold days of winter. It's no surprise to most of you that I am NOT a fan of winter and its accompanying frigid temps and that gross white stuff that occasionally falls out of the sky. Thankfully, as far as winter weather goes, this winter was pretty tolerable most of the time, which is such a wonderful thing for people like me. So the boys and I took advantage of the warm, sunny day by taking a walk around the farm. The boys wanted to walk along the corrals where the cows and calves are. But for some reason, the cows all left as soon as we got near. I'm not sure why they don't like two loud boys being too close to them. So weird!

My posse: Zoe, Aiden, and Evan

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