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Brotherly Love
Posted by Janae on March 31, 2015
One of my greatest joys as a parent is having a front row seat to the budding relationship between Aiden and Evan. While no sibling relationship is without "issues," it is abundantly clear that Aiden adores his baby brother. And it is also quite apparent that Evan is equally enamored with his big brother. The sounds of them playing together, genuinely enjoying each other's company, is such a sweet sound.

A couple of weeks ago, Aiden had a particularly rough day when he learned his best friend would be moving soon. Evan's immediate response was to comfort his big brother and tell him, "I love you, Aiden." It's quite possible I melted into a puddle right then and there.

Brotherly Love

Today was no different. After we got home, Aiden crashed on the couch. Evan immediately grabbed a blanket, climbed upon the couch, and snuggled up next to Aiden, all the while saying, "I'm so sorry, Aiden." Not even 3 years old, and Evan demonstrates such a tender attitude towards others.

Today's Fun Fact
Posted by Janae on March 29, 2015
There's a saying, "You learn something new every day." Well, that is most certainly true whilst a toddler is residing in your home. I remember Aiden being very particular about the way certain things were done - such as how waffles and strawberries were cut up. If it was done wrong, it would render the food completely inedible in his eyes. 

Oh the humanity!

Fast forward 5 years, Evan is now that same age. Today the boys and I were snacking on some delicious Ritz crackers. Evan wanted another cracker, so I grabbed one from the sleeve and handed to him. He took one look and made some sounds that indicated his displeasure with said cracker, then promptly handed it back to me. That little cracker, with it's ever-so-tiny chip in it, was a gross misrepresentation of edible food in the eyes of my toddler. So that, my friends, is the fun fact for today.

Don't stand so close to me
Posted by Janae on March 25, 2015
As I've said, the boys love to go see the cows and the calves currently hanging out in the corrals by the barn. But this is as close as they'll get to the fence. They prefer to let the boys enjoy them from afar. At least they didn't run all the way into the nearby pasture.

Our firstborn
Posted by Janae on March 24, 2015
This kid is amazing. From his first days as a preemie to his current life as a second grader, he never ceases to amaze me. He loves to be silly and have fun, but is also very thoughtful and sensitive. I thank God every day for the awesome opportunity and privilege of being this kid's mom.

It's a Sunshine Day
Posted by Janae on March 15, 2015
Some of my most favorite times of the year are the first few days of warm weather after the icky cold days of winter. It's no surprise to most of you that I am NOT a fan of winter and its accompanying frigid temps and that gross white stuff that occasionally falls out of the sky. Thankfully, as far as winter weather goes, this winter was pretty tolerable most of the time, which is such a wonderful thing for people like me. So the boys and I took advantage of the warm, sunny day by taking a walk around the farm. The boys wanted to walk along the corrals where the cows and calves are. But for some reason, the cows all left as soon as we got near. I'm not sure why they don't like two loud boys being too close to them. So weird!

My posse: Zoe, Aiden, and Evan

Throwback Thursday
Posted by Janae on March 12, 2015

Aiden at 4 months, March 2007

Evan at 4 months, September 2012